The rapid route to enterprise wide Oracle applications adoption

Whatfix can integrate with your Oracle’s suite of products and help users learn in the flow of work. Whatfix’s interactive walkthroughs and contextual support enhances user productivity and reduces knowledge discovery time. Thus, making it easy for organizations to improve adoption rate, enhance user efficiency and maximize business outcomes.

Why choose Whatfix for Oracle suite of applications adoption?

Eliminates user confusion, human errors and creates a robust training program

Whatfix can be deployed as a simple extension across multiple users simultaneously

Whatfix can be deployed as a simple extension across multiple users simultaneously

Empowers users to develop their product skills by enabling them to use new features and adopt processes in the flow of work

Whatfix can be connected and guide your teams across multiple applications from the same suite

About Whatfix

Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform disrupts the way application support and learning content is consumed. The tool can provide contextual and interactive walkthroughs inside the Oracles product suite at the exact time a task is being performed. Whatfix is deployed at enterprises worldwide across all industries from Fortune 500 to mid-sized companies.

How Whatfix works?

Design interactive guides with zero coding using our simple-to-use Editor.

Engage your users effectively across multiple touchpoints, be it on your website, chat, knowledge base, or LMS.

Analyze Measure the effectiveness of your user engagement using our advanced analytics.

  • Why Choose Whatfix DAP?

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  • ✔️ Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide
  • ✔️ Highest Customer Satisfaction & Easy to use
  • ✔️ Open ecosystem
  • ✔️ Rated as 4.6/5 by Gartner
  • How Whatfix delivers value and ROI?

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  • ✔️ 3X Faster time to onboard a new user
  • ✔️ 37% Increase in Productivity
  • ✔️ 60% Reduction in support queries
  • ✔️ 84% Reduction in training content creation cost