Hello Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) Administrator
Your Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) 24B update is scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

To help you adequately prepare for the changes included with this release, please review the updates below.

As with all OGL releases, you will be provided with an opportunity to view and test the new features and functionality in UAT. You will receive an updated announcement regarding UAT availability and information on how to participate.

During the update on April 28th, your OGL services may not be accessible. Please refer to the update details below for more information. You will be notified as soon as the update is complete.

For more information, please contact to your OGL account manager, visit us on Customer Connect, and look for future communications.

Redwood Design Guide Editor to replace the Classic (Legacy) Editor

Start using the Redwood Design Editor today
With OGL 24B release, the new Redwood Design Guide Editor will be the standard guide editor and will replace the Classic (Legacy) editor. The newly updated Redwood Design Guide Editor has been further enhanced in OGL 24B to include additional features and functionality to help content developers work even more efficiently.

For more information about the features and capabilities of the Redwood Guide Editor, check out this article on Cloud Customer Connect. Read Article

Transition to Redwood Experience Help Panel and Theme

A new aligned experience
To better align the OGL experience for end users to Oracle’s Redwood design standards in our Fusion product lines, we are transitioning customers from the legacy Help Panel experience to the new Redwood Design experience and theme as the new default for all OGL content displayed in host applications. This transition to Redwood design standards will provide a more consistent and aesthetically aligned user interface/experience for end users consuming OGL content in Fusion applications.

Beginning in OGL 24B, the Redwood Experience Help Panel and theme will be enabled by default for all OGL accounts. Customers can still revert to the classic (legacy) Help Panel and design theme; however, these settings will no longer be supported in OGL 24C coming in July 2024. We strongly encourage you to transition to the new Redwood Experience and theme now to ensure a more unified and consistent experience for your end users.

24B Features and Enhancements

Auto Translate for Use Cases and Base Guides
Extends Automated Machine Translation capabilities to Use Case and Base Guide content libraries
Analytics Fixes
Fixes known issues and bugs associated with console analytics dashboard and reports for more accurate reporting
Consolidation of Link, Video and Training Guides
Link, Video and Training guide types are consolidated under a single guide type called “link” for ease of content management
Redwood Design Guide editor fixes
Fixes known issues and bugs to improve overall performance and functionality of Redwood Guide Editor

Update Details

Estimated Start Time:
Sunday, April 28, 2024 07:00

Estimated End Time:
Sunday, April 28, 2024 13:00 UTC

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