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When does end-user adoption really matter in a technology implementation? It matters on the first day that you go live with your new technology and every day after that. While many focus on everything that needs to happen up to go-live, we focus on the end user adoption experience after go-live and then use that to plan and execute a consistent end-user adoption experience before and after go-live. Our only focus is helping organizations with end-user adoption for their legacy and cloud applications and transformations.

Vendor Authorized Training

TAM Training has become one of Oracle University’s top authorized training partners. TAM Training was founded more than 15 years ago and immediately began earning top Oracle University awards. As TAM Training grew, so did our knowledge base and list of services. Today, we offer a variety of training solutions to support all Oracle products.

​Unlike most training providers, we partner with both Oracle and Oracle University. We have access to all of the resources available to partners for both organizations. This allows us to offer you more accurate, more timely, and more diverse options.

Change Management

Whether you are implementing an on-premise or cloud application, updating an application, releasing new features, or deploying other technology, managing the PEOPLE aspects of the change are critical to short-term and long-term success. Organizational Change Management is both an art and a science that helps you manage the people aspects of a change. Here at TAM Training, we use a methodology that aligns to ADKAR, is based on Kotter, and adds some modern innovations.

Cloud Application Training

Using the cloud is the direction forward for organizations. However, living in the era of cloud technologies requires various skills that organizations are struggling to fulfill in existing or new job roles. We understand organizations are in different phases with unique business goals to achieve, which is why we enable companies, teams and individuals to bridge skills gaps and advance their cloud maturity. Our comprehensive training solution creates structured learning paths for all end-users to acquire the knowledge and technical skills the technology community needs to maximize cloud solutions.

No matter the stage of your cloud initiative, TAM Training may be the missing piece of the puzzle to help to reach your goal

End User Training

TAM Training believes End User Training is essential to your company’s success and your employees’ employment sustainment and growth journey. We want to partner with you to ensure that your employees possess the competencies and skills they need to perform their job responsibilities at peak efficiency.

​Our end user training services consist of different building blocks. Each building block contains a range of services from which you may choose to fit the level of support to your need.

End User Support

Most change and training projects end at go live – just when end users need the most support. We believe the ongoing engagement of end users increases adoption, drives adoption of new features and provides early identification and mitigation of risks.

Digital Disruption and Transformation

We are unquestionably in an age where digital is revolutionizing all we do in the organization – including how we manage people. Here at TAM Training we teach you about the practices that organizations are using to successfully manage people in this rapidly changing environment.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with TAM resources since 2007, delivering on several large scale implementation projects. Each and every time TAM resources demonstrated excellence and quality in their delivery execution in a variety of focus areas that ranged from training, change management, project management, and consulting. TAM has been a great part of Accenture’s track record of successes in the Consulting Government Services sector.”

Glenda Hernandez, Health & Public Sector Oracle South Market Unit Lead, Accenture

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching us to use nVision. Without a doubt, you are a true professional and very talented.   I’m impressed with the level of knowledge and experience that you have with nVision. To be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to this class because Nvision isn’t the most exciting subject matter to devote a week worth of work.  Now that we’ve spent two days together, I have been enjoying the class very much and look forward towards coming in!”Port_of_Seattle_Logo.svg.png