Cloud Technology Enablement

The future of organizational advancement lies in the adoption of cloud technology. In this cloud-centric era, there is a burgeoning demand for specific competencies that many organizations find challenging to integrate into their existing or forthcoming roles. Recognizing that each organization is at a different stage of development with distinct business objectives, we are committed to empowering businesses, teams, and individuals to close the skills gap and enhance their cloud proficiency. Our all-encompassing training offerings are designed to provide structured learning journeys, enabling end-users to acquire essential knowledge and technical expertise necessary to leverage cloud solutions effectively.
Regardless of where you are in your cloud adoption journey, TAM Training can be the critical component that propels you towards achieving your objectives.

End-User Adoption Significance in Technology Deployment The significance of end-user adoption becomes evident from the first day of deploying new technology and continues to be crucial thereafter. While the pre-launch phase often garners considerable attention, our focus is steadfast on the go-live and post-launch end-user experience. By prioritizing and enhancing this experience, we devise and implement a consistent strategy for end-user adoption both prior to and following the launch. Our singular dedication is to assist organizations in the adoption process of both legacy and cloud-based applications and in facilitating transformative technology shifts.


Oracle Authorized Training Excellence

TAM Training distinguishes itself as a premier authorized training partner of Oracle University in North America, having garnered numerous top awards from Oracle University in recognition of our exceptional sales and delivery prowess. With our growth, we have expanded our repository of expertise and our spectrum of services. Currently, we provide an array of training solutions tailored to encompass all Oracle offerings, encompassing Oracle Cloud services as well as all on-premises applications and technologies.

Our offerings include:

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Oracle Learning Subscriptions

AWS Authorized Training

As an AWS authorized training partner in North America, TAM Training boasts a cadre of specialized and Champion instructors, setting the industry standard for high-quality educational experiences. Our curriculum spans a comprehensive range of topics, from Architecting to Security to SysOps, ensuring we provide the requisite courses and certifications to facilitate proficiency in AWS technologies.

Our AWS training offerings include:

  • AWS Instructor-Led Training
  • Skill Builder (on demand learning subscription)

TAM specializes in full-service, comprehensive training solutions for organizations utilizing Oracle solutions, including: PeopleSoft | Hyperion | Fusion | Oracle Guided Learning

Full Suite of Training Services


TAM Training provides an objective and calculated assessment during the decision-making phase. We partner with you to choose the appropriate training strategy for your organization.

Project Team Training

TAM Training recommends that members of the IT team, depending on their role, complete Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription courses. TAM provides access to this environment to assist your organization with getting acclimated to the new application quickly.

End User Training

TAM Training believes End User Training is essential to your company’s success and your employees’ employment sustainment and growth journey. We partner with you to ensure that your employees demonstrate the competencies and skills in which to perform their job responsibilities at peak efficiency.


Change Management

Whether you are implementing an on-premise or cloud application, updating an application, releasing new features, or deploying other technology, managing the PEOPLE aspects of the change are critical to short-term and long-term success. Organizational Change Management is both an art and a science that helps you manage the people aspects of a change. Here at TAM Training, we use a methodology that aligns with ADKAR, is based on Kotter, and adds some modern innovations.

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