Migrating Your Database to Autonomous Database Cloud

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What you will learn

Learn to provision and use Oracle Autonomous Database and Analytics Cloud service instances with Oracle Machine Learning. Experience the ease of performing predictive analysis of data on Oracle Cloud.

This is a great starting point for Data Scientists, Developers, Architects, Business Analysts and anyone who wants to know how Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform can add value and transform their business.

You will see how these services enables you to focus on your core activity and not spend time creating and managing your IT systems.

Learn To:

  • Describe the key features of Oracle Machine Learning
  • Create Projects and workspaces, and manage users in Oracle Machine Learning
  • Crete and run Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks
  • Develop SQL Scripts that can be used in Notebooks
  • Create Notebooks for data analysis and Data Visualization
  • Collaborate and share Notebooks with other Oracle Machine Learning users
  • Schedule Jobs to run Notebooks
  • Use Analytics Cloud to create data visualizations
  • Extract data for analytics from Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud service instances
  • Use Machine Learning feature in Oracle Analytics Cloud


  • Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Manager


  • Discuss about the features in OML that will enable effective collaboration in a global workspace
  • Describe how these Oracle Cloud services can add value and transform your business
  • Identify Oracle Cloud services that are compatible with Oracle Machine Learning
  • Explain the capabilities and features of Oracle Machine Learning (OML)
  • Explore data visualizations capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud


Course Overview

  • Target Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Roadmap
  • Use Case: El Tronics
  • Course Persona
  • Course Practices
  • Sample Database Schemas Used in the Course

Introduction to Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform

  • Growth of Oracle Machine Learning
  • Oracle Machine Learning: Features & Components
  • Compatible Oracle Cloud Services
  • Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services
  • Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud: Use Cases

Creating Workspace and Projects in Oracle Machine Learning

  • Accessing the Oracle Machine Learning Home Page
  • Creating a New Project and Workspace
  • Managing Workspaces Permissions
Creating SQL Scripts and Running SQL Commands in Oracle Machine Learning

  • SQL Script Scratchpad
  • Developing & Running SQL Scripts
  • Exporting and Importing SQL Scripts
  • Restrictions on SQL Commands
  • Restrictions for Database Options
  • Restrictions for Database Initialization Parameters
  • Connection Groups

Notebooks in Oracle Machine Learning

  • Examples: OML Notebook
  • Creating & Editing a Notebook
  • Typical Workflow for Analyzing Data with Oracle Machine Learning
  • Traditional Programming Versus Machine Learning
  • Creating Text Input Forms in Notebooks
  • Creating Select Forms in Notebooks
  • Creating Check Box Forms in Notebooks
  • Setting Up an Output Format
  • Collaborating Using Templates in Oracle Machine Learning

    • Templates in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Saving a Notebook as Template in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Sharing Templates
    • Editing Template Settings
    • Collaborate Using the Export Option

    Working with Jobs in Oracle Machine Learning

    • Jobs in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Creating a Job
    • Viewing Job Logs

    Administering Oracle Machine Learning

    • Workflow for Managing Oracle Machine Learning
    • User Data
    • Compute Resource
    • Creating User Accounts for Oracle Machine Learning

    Working with Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud

    • Autonomous Transaction Processing
    • Typical Workflow for Autonomous Transaction Processing, and Other Services and Tools
    • Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Transaction Processing
    • K-means Algorithm
    • Oracle Machine Learning for Data Access, Analysis, and Discovery

    Creating Visualizations in Oracle Machine Learning Using Analytics Cloud

    • Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • Creating Connections to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
    • Create Connections to Autonomous Transactional Processing Cloud
    • Use Machine Learning to Analyze Data by Using Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • Using Data Flow to Curate Data Sources
    • Running Data Flows
    • Prediction Visualization

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Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomus Database


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Jul 26 2021 – Jul 27 2021 (2 days) 9:00AM – 5:00PM US-Pacific, Jan 24 2022 – Jan 25 2022 (2 days) 9:00AM – 5:00PM US-Pacific


Live Virtual Class


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