Siebel Integration Rel 15.5 Ed 1

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What you will learn

This Siebel Integration training teaches you how to integrate Siebel applications using a variety of integration strategies. Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how to integrate applications using both direct EAI implementation technologies and several service-oriented technologies, including web services. It is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers.

Learn To:

  • Expose Siebel functionality and data as web services.
  • Access external functionality deployed as web services.
  • Configure a Siebel application for a point-to-point integration solution based on integration workflows.
  • Configure an integration solution based on data sharing using external business components and virtual business components.
  • Embed web pages from an external source in a Siebel view.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll learn how to implement point-to-point integrations using these strategies using Open UI. You'll learn various Siebel EAI technologies to integrate Siebel application, which allows you to select and implement an appropriate integration strategy to meet your business requirements. Explore how various Siebel EAI technologies integrate Siebel application, thus enabling them to select and implement an appropriate integration strategy to meet their business requirements.

Ideal for Siebel Implementation Teams

This course is intended for members of Siebel implementation teams (customer, partner, and system integrator) responsible for integrating Siebel applications with other applications in your systems. The course focuses primarily on Siebel technology and concepts.


Suggested Prerequisite

  • Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5 Ed 1
  • HTTP
  • XML
  • Web services

Required Prerequisite

  • Siebel Tools Rel 15.5 Ed 2



  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Implementer


  • Overview of Siebel Integration
    • Data-layer, business-layer, and UI-layer integrations
    • Siebel EAI toolkit
    • XML, XSD, and Namespaces
    • Integration Objects, Property Sets, and Business Services
  • Integration Workflows
    • Integration Workflows, Workflow Policies, and Run-time Events
    • EAI Siebel Adapter
    • EAI XML Converter
    • Data Mapping
    • EAI Dispatch Service, Rule Sets, Rules, and Transforms
    • Integration Transports
      • EAI HTTP transport
      • Message Queues
    • Web Services
      • SOAP, WSDL, Service Ports, and Operations
      • Inbound Web Services
      • Outbount Web Services
    • Data Federation
      • External Business Component (EBC)
      • Virtual Business Component (VBC)
      • XML Gateway Business Service
    • Embedding content
      • Symbolic URLs

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Siebel Integration Rel 15.5 Ed 1


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Dec 13 2021 – Dec 17 2021 (5 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern, Jun 20 2022 – Jun 24 2022 (5 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific


Live Virtual Class


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