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This complete Retail Learning Subscription brings together all the essential training required to understand the complete product suite, encapsulating Planning and Optimization, Merchandise Operations, Brand Compliance and Supply Chain, and Stores and Commerce.

The Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization suite of products offers flexibility in deployment, whether your organization utilizes on-premises solutions, cloud solutions, or a hybrid approach. Get the training you need on Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization to understand the steps needed to become a successful customer in the environment you are working in.

The Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations suite provides a comprehensive collection of integrated, modular solutions that seamlessly execute core retail operations across a retailer’s channels, countries, and business models.

Retailers can learn to manage all types of items, suppliers, and locations through an agile platform to gain visibility into cross-channel inventory and other retail merchandise operation procedures.

Brand Compliance enables better collaboration with merchants and suppliers to bring your own product label to market, while mitigating risks and controlling operation costs. Supply Chain products enable retailers to maximize sales and inventory productivity by anticipating demand.

Oracle Retail Stores and Commerce software empowers associates with customer insight at the point of engagement. It ensures a seamless and unique customer experience across channels to help retailers acquire and retain customers.

Whether your customers are shopping online or picking up products in a brick and mortar store, the training within this subscription gives you the tools to support a consistent customer experience across multiple channels.


  • Managing Supplier Details and Site Records in Brand Compliance
  • Creating, Modifying, and Maintaining Food Specifications in Brand Compliance
  • Demonstrations for System Navigation and Setup in Advanced Inventory Planning
  • Managing Inventory Using Stockless Push Type in Advanced Inventory Planning
  • The Identity Management Process in the Oracle Retail Cloud Service Environment
  • The Science Behind Retail Demand Forecasting
  • Retail Science Cloud Services Assortment and Space Optimization
  • Retail Predictive Application Server Implementation and Technical Considerations
  • Retail Predictive Application Server Utilities
  • Hybrid Storage Architecture Fundamentals
  • Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service
  • Retail Merchandising Seeded Customizations
  • Manage Administration Data, Duties, and Roles
  • Standard Allocations, Scheduled Allocation, and What-If Allocations, Including the Allocation Dashboard
  • Automatic and Manual Creation of Credit Notes and Credit Note Requests
  • Demonstrations of Creating, Uploading, and Maintaining Basic, Fashion, Grocery, and Pack Items
  • Inventory Adjustments, Stock Counts, Transfers, and Unit Counts
  • Manage Negative Inventory and Variances
  • Expenses, Profiles, and Supplier Costs
  • Creating and Maintaining Sales Audit Totals and Rules
  • Managing Obligations, Customer Entry, Letter of Credit, and Transportation
  • Managing and Defining Message, Product, and Promotional Events
  • Getting Started with Open Commerce Platform Implementation
  • Creating and Maintaining Locations in Order Broker
  • Configuring Order Broker
  • Managing Membership Processing in Order Management System
  • Understanding Pick Generation in Order Management System
  • Getting Up to Speed on Retail Insights Cloud Services
  • Understanding Retail Science Cloud Services Assortment and Space Optimization
  • Managing Customer Order Picking in Store Inventory Management
  • Managing Inventory in Store Operations
  • Scheduling Reports and Saving Data Results in XBRi
  • Understanding How to Manage and Map POS Data in XBRi

Job Roles

  • Application consultant
  • Forecast analyst
  • Administrator
  • Supplier/merchant
  • Allocator
  • Account payable specialist
  • Buyer
  • Data steward
  • Financial analyst
  • Inventory analyst
  • Inventory control analyst
  • Sourcing specialist
  • Pricing analyst
  • Auditor
  • Planner
  • Customer service user
  • Merchandiser
  • System manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Store operations manager

Skills Learned

  • Utilize the Retail Reference Library and My Oracle Support.
  • Expand the Brand Compliance and Supply Chain product suite into a global marketplace by learning about the internationalization, translation, and localization offered for the products.
  • Learn how to have a single source of the truth for all your own label products.
  • Confidently utilize a platform of tools specifically designed to enable retailers to bring product to market quickly and safely, while ensuring compliance with all regulations.
  • Understand how to better collaborate with suppliers to bring your own product label to market, while mitigating risk and controlling operation costs.
  • Manage a single forecast; streamline forecasting processes.
  • Learn how to leverage forecasted demand across all commerce channels to guide time-phased inventory ordering.
  • Balance inventory throughout the supply chain to efficiently achieve desired service levels to customers by providing optimized replenishment recommendations.
  • Configure a Retail Predictive Application Server solution.
  • Generate rules in a Retail Predictive Application Server solution.
  • Configure extended measures in a Retail Predictive Application Server solution.
  • Create the following types of items in the Retail Merchandising System: Basic, Fashion, Pack, and Grocery.
  • Upload new items.
  • Maintain items.
  • Create, approve, and maintain purchase orders.
  • Monitor purchase orders from the buyer and inventory analyst perspectives, including monitoring open-to-buy and shipment issues.
  • Understand how to resolve issues for orders past the not after date, orders never approved, and orders with missing data.
  • Create, maintain, and approve standard, What-if, and Scheduled allocations.
  • Utilize the Allocator Dashboard.
  • Control inventory by utilizing the transfer and mass return transfer processes.
  • Create manual inventory adjustments.
  • Manage negative inventory balances through the Inventory Analysts Dashboard.
  • Create and manage regular and consignment invoices.
  • Manage auto and manual invoice matching.
  • Manage invoice discrepancies.
  • Create auditing rules and totals.
  • Confidently expand the Planning and Optimization product suites into a global marketplace by learning about internationalization, translation, and localization.
  • Understand the pricing analysis process for Regular Price Optimization.
  • Manage online administrative tasks in Item Planning.
  • Manage elasticity, markdowns, and promotional lifts in Item Planning Cloud Services.
  • Set optimization structures and defaults, and constraint priorities in Regular Price Optimization.
  • Execute the Apply Demand Transference functionality, What If Optimization, Scaled Scoring, and Dynamic Hierarchies in Category Management.
  • Manage Store Clustering and Assortment Period Maintenance in Assortment Planning Shared Services.
  • Configure a Retail Predictive Application Server solution.
  • Generate rules in a Retail Predictive Application Server solution.
  • Configure extended measures in a Retail Predictive Application Server solution.
  • Refine price analysis constraints in Regular Price Optimization.
  • Understand data model basics.
  • Grasp campaign and deal management fundamentals.
  • Understand Customer Engagement integration and configuration key concepts.
  • Learn how to import data.
  • Gain familiarity with supplier direct fulfillment configuration.
  • Manage pricing and promotions.
  • Manage customer memberships for merchandisers.
  • Explore Replenishment and receiving how to’s.
  • Analyze data results for loss prevention using the extended product functionality.

Learning Paths

  • Getting Started with Oracle Resources
  • Customer Engagement
  • Open Commerce Platform
  • Order Broker
  • Order Management System
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Insights
  • Retail Science Platform
  • Store Operations
  • XBRi
  • Assortment and Item Planning
  • Category Management Planning and Optimization
  • Merchandise Financial Planning
  • Regular Price Optimization
  • Retail Predictive Application Server
  • Retail Merchandising Cloud Service
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Retail Sales Audit
  • Retail Trade Management
  • Retail Invoice Matching
  • Retail Price Management
  • Retail Allocation
  • Retail Predictive Application Server for Application Consultant and Forecast Analyst
  • Brand Compliance for Merchant/Supplier and Administrator
  • Advanced Inventory Planning
  • Retail Demand Forecasting Cloud for Forecast Analyst and Application Consultant

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Retail Learning Subscription


12 Months

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