R12.2.9 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals

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5 days

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What you will learn

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 or 12.2.

This 5-day course covers the setup and use of business transactions relating to R12.1 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management. This course is targeted to implementation teams and super users.

Learn To:

  • Use Maintenance Super User Responsibility
  • Use eAM work management.
  • Create work requests and work orders.
  • Use preventive maintenance.
  • Set up Oracle Enterprise Asset Management


  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator


  • Set Up Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
  • Define assets
  • Define activities
  • Define and use meters
  • Create work orders
  • Create work requests
  • Use preventive maintenance
  • Complete operations
  • Create work orders
  • Create construction units
  • Use failure analysis
  • Return material to inventory


  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Overview
    • Discuss the key functionality available in Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
    • User Roles
  • Setting Up Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
    • Setting up eAM Organizations and Parameters
    • General Setup Tasks
    • Defining Lookups
    • Defining Category Codes and Sets
    • Defining Assets
    • Setting up Rebuildable Items
    • Defining Activities
  • eAM Collection Plans
    • Overview of eAM Quality
    • Creating Collection Elements
    • Creating Quality Collection Plans
    • Entering Quality Results
  • Failure Analysis
    • Overview
    • Using Failure Analysis
    • Defining Failure Sets and Failure Codes
  • eAM Work Management
    • Overview
    • Defining Meters and Entering Meter Readings
    • Entering Work Orders
    • Defining Resource Requirements
    • Defining Inventory Material Requirements
    • Creating Resource Transactions
  • eAM Preventive Maintenance
    • Overview of
    • Preventive Maintenance Setup
    • Entering Preventive Maintenance Definitions
    • Generating Work Orders
  • Asset Operation Management
    • Overview
    • Setting Up Asset Operation Management
    • Defining and Reviewing Asset Operations
  • eAM Planning and Scheduling
    • Overview
    • Setting up Material Planning Parameters
    • Creating a Master Demand Schedule
    • Running an MRP
    • Using the Scheduler Workbench
  • Direct Item Procurement for eAM Work Orders
    • Overview
    • Entering Requisitions for Direct Items
    • Entering Non-Stock Items
    • Creating Purchase Orders
  • eAM Cost Management
    • Overview
    • eAM Costing Methods and Mappings
    • Viewing Cost Information
    • Performing Cost Rollups
    • Transferring Invoice Variances to Maintenance Work Orders
  • eAM Contractor Services
    • Overview
    • Setting up Outside Service Processing
  • eAM Property Manager
    • Overview
    • Setting up the Property Manager Integration
  • eAM Service
    • Overview
    • Setting up eAM Service
    • Creating Maintenance Service Request Types
    • Creating Service Requests
  • eAM Process and Discrete Manufacturing
    • Overview
    • Organization Setup
    • Associating Assets with Production Equipment
    • Generating Production Equipment Downtime
  • eAM Project Manufacturing
    • Overview
    • Defining a Project
    • Associating a Work Order with a Project
    • Creating Requisitions or Purchase Orders
    • Updating the Commitments for a Project
  • Work Order Billing and Capitalization
    • Overview
    • Setting up Work Order Billing
    • Creating Billable Work Orders
    • Associating Items and Activities to a Price List
    • Creating an Invoice
    • Capitalizing Work Orders
  • eAM and Oracle Time and Labor
    • Overview
    • Setting up the Integration
    • Entering Timecard Information
  • Self-Service Work Requests
    • Overview
    • Lifecycle of a Work Request
    • Obtaining Work Request Information
    • Creating and Updating Work Requests
  • Maintenance Workbench
    • Overview
    • Using the Maintenance Workbench
    • Viewing Work Orders
    • Updating Resources
    • Updating Collection Plans
  • Maintenance Super User
    • Stores
    • Generating eAM Reports and Processes

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R12.2.9 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals


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Apr 11 2022 – Apr 15 2022 (5 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific


Live Virtual Class


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