R12.2.9 Oracle Cost Management Fundamentals

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What you will learn

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 or 12.2.

In this course, students learn how to set up and use Oracle Cost Management in conjunction with Oracle Inventory, Oracle Bills Of Material, and Oracle Work In Process (WIP). Students also learn how to use Oracle Cost Management as a tool for inventory control, valuation, profit analysis, and reporting. Topics also include Subledger Accounting (SLA).

Learn To:

  • Simulate, analyze, and forecast product costs
  • Easily update and manage item unit costs
  • Define the inventory structure and cost controls that are important to your business
  • View item costs, inventory and work in process values, accounting entries, and gross margins
  • Automatically transfer inventory and work in process transactions to your general ledger
  • Value inventory and work in process on a perpetual basis


Suggested Prerequisite

  • 2 Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Fundamentals Ed 2
  • R12 Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Fundamentals

Required Prerequisite

  • 2 Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals Ed 2
  • R12 Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals
  • Basic accounting concepts
  • R12 Oracle Purchasing Fundamentals
  • R12 Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering Fundamentals


  • End User


  • Describe costing methods
  • Analyze transactions for WIP and Inventory costing at (standard and average)
  • Establish cost controls
  • Maintain standard costs on a periodic basis


  • Overview of Oracle Cost Management
    • Using Oracle Cost Management
    • Role of Cost Management
    • Understanding Costing Methods
    • Performing Inventory Control and Valuation
    • Analyzing Profits
    • Management Reporting
    • Budgeting and Planning
    • Oracle Cost Management Integration
  • Overview of Setup and Implementation of Oracle Cost Management
    • Setting Up in Other Applications
    • Setting Up in Oracle General Ledger
    • Setting Up in Oracle Work in Process
    • Setting Up in Oracle Inventory
    • Setting Up in Oracle Purchasing
    • Setting Up in Oracle Bills of Material
    • Setting Up in Oracle Cost Management
  • Setting Up in Oracle Cost Management
    • Setting Up Profile Options
    • Setting Up Cost Types
    • Copying Costs
    • Setting Up Activities and Activity Costs
    • Defining Project Cost Groups
    • Understanding Cost Elements
    • Setting Up Subelements
    • Understanding Landed Cost Management
  • Describing Cost Controls
    • Describing General Ledger Cost Controls
    • Inter-organization Transfers with Multiple Set of Books
    • Describing Organizational Cost Controls
    • Organization-Level Default and System Accounts
    • Defining Inter-organization Transfer Information
    • Describing Financial Cost Controls
    • Describing WIP Controls for Costing and WIP Parameters
    • Receiving Options and Controls
  • Item Costing
    • Selecting an Item-Cost Type Association
    • Defining Item Costs
    • Viewing Item Costs
    • Describing Elemental Costs
    • Phantom Costing
    • Mass Editing Item Accounts and Cost Information
    • Viewing Material and WIP Transaction Distributions
    • Resubmitting Transactions for Costing


  • Defining Resource and Overhead Costs
    • Defining BOM Parameters
    • Defining Resource Costs and Overheads
    • Defining Departments and Associating Resources
    • Associating Overheads With Departments and Resources
    • Defining Routings
    • Defining Bills of Material
  • Standard Costing
    • Overview of Standard Costing
    • Understanding the WIP Transactions Cost Flow
    • Setting Up Standard Costing
    • Setting Up Standard Costing for Manufacturing
    • Reporting Pending Adjustments
    • Running a Supply Chain Cost Rollup
    • Updating Standard Costs
    • Understanding Standard Cost Transactions
  • Average Costing
    • Overview of Average Costing
    • Setting Up Average Costing
    • Understanding Average Costing Flows
    • Updating Average Costs
    • Viewing Item Cost History Information
    • Understanding Average Cost Variances
    • Average Cost Transactions
  • Analyzing WIP Transactions
    • Overview of Analyzing WIP Transactions
    • Viewing Job and Schedule Values Online
    • Reporting and Analyzing WIP Values
  • Period Close for Inventory Organizations
    • Cost Accounting at Period Close Overview
    • Viewing Pending Transactions
    • Transfer Options
    • Closing the Period in Inventory
    • Posting to the General Ledger
    • Reconciling Perpetual Inventory to GL
    • Client Extensions
  • Periodic Costing
  • FIFO and LIFO Costing
  • Revenue and COGS Matching
  • Subledger Accounting
  • Describing T-Accounts for Inventory Transactions for Standard Costing
  • Describing T-Accounts for WIP Transactions for Standard Costing

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R12.2.9 Oracle Cost Management Fundamentals


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May 9 2022 – May 12 2022 (4 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern


Live Virtual Class


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