R12.2.9 Oracle Applications System Administrator


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What you will learn

This course is for customers implementing R12, R12.1 and R12.2

In this intensive course, you'll learn the concepts and functions that are critical to the System Administrator role. This includes managing security, managing concurrent processing, monitoring your system using Oracle Applications Manager, SOA and web services for system administration, and other related topics.

Learn To:

  • Set up and administer security-related features.
  • Monitor Oracle E-Business Suite activities using OAM.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Oracle Workflow, including its setup.
  • Configure flexfields and understand how they are used by Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Set up and manage profile options, printers, personalizations, and other features.
  • Describe service-oriented architecture (SOA) and manage service life cycle activities.

Benefits to You

Better understand how to effectively control security, monitor your system, and handle day-to-day system administrator tasks for Oracle E-Business Suite applications, so that your organization can more rapidly realize the full value of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Build a Foundation

The System Administrator Fundamentals course gives you the foundation to effectively control security and ensure smooth operations for an E-Business Suite installation. Demonstrations and hands-on activities reinforce the fundamental concepts of configuring an Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as handling day-to-day system administrator tasks.


Suggested Prerequisite

  • Siebel Fundamentals Rel 15.5 Ed 1

Required Prerequisite

  • Siebel Technical Foundations Rel 15.5 Ed 1



  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementer


  • Describe Oracle Workflow
  • Understand concurrent processing
  • Describe diagnostics and troubleshooting tools for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Define profile option values
  • Set up auditing
  • Set up printing
  • Manage Folders
  • Implement function security
  • Implement Oracle User Management
  • Implement flexfields
  • Manage the Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Applications Manager


  • Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrative Responsibilities
    • System Administrative Responsibilities
    • System Administration Responsibility
    • System Administrator Responsibility
    • Functional Administrator and Functional Developer Responsibility
    • Integrated SOA Gateway Responsibility
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Security
    • Successive Layers of Access Control
    • Function Security
    • Data Security
    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Delegated Administration
    • Simplified User Management
  • Function Security
    • Users
    • Custom Applications
    • Menus
    • Responsibilities
    • Functions
  • Data Security
    • Objects
    • Grants
    • Permissions and Permission Sets
    • Data Security Policies
  • Oracle User Management
    • Access Control Model
    • RBAC
    • Delegated Administration
    • Self-Service and Approval features
  • Concurrent Programs and Requests
    • Lifecycle of a Concurrent Request
    • Managing Concurrent Requests
    • Request Sets
    • Viewing Request Output
    • Defining a Custom Concurrent Program
  • Administering Concurrent Managers
    • Generic Service Management (GSM)
    • Concurrent Managers
    • Concurrent Manager Workshifts
    • Conflict Domains
    • Internal Concurrent Managers
    • Internal Monitors
    • Transaction Managers
    • Parallel Concurrent Processing
  • Oracle Applications Manager (OAM)
    • Benefits of Oracle Applications Manager
    • OAM Dashboard
    • OAM Site Map
    • System Monitoring
    • Diagnostic Tools in OAM
    • Support Cart
  • Profile Options
    • Personal Profile Values
    • System Profile Values
    • Profile Hierarchy Levels
    • Profile Categories
  • Oracle Workflow
    • Business Processes
    • System Integration with Oracle Workflow
    • Workflow Architecture
    • Workflow Engine
    • Workflow Builder
    • Notofication System
    • Workflow Manager
    • Directory Services
  • SOA and Web Services
    • SOA in Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Integrated SOA Gateway
    • Generating SOAP Services
    • Deploying SOAP Services
    • Deploying REST Services
    • Searching SOAP Messages
    • Service Invocation Framework (SIF)
    • Purging SOAP Messages, Audits, and Logs
  • Auditing System Resources
    • Auditing User Activity
    • Signon Audit
  • Printers
    • Printer Components
    • Printing with the Pasta printing feature
    • Using Pasta with Oracle XML Publisher
  • Flexfields
    • Key Flexfields
    • Descriptive Flexfields
    • Value Sets
    • Validation of Flexfield Segment Values
  • Personalizations
    • Overview of Personalizations
    • Oracle Forms Personalizations
    • OA Framework Personalizations
    • User Personalizations
    • Personalizations vs. Extensions

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R12.2.9 Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals


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Jul 25 2022 – Jul 29 2022 (5 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern, Oct 3 2022 – Oct 7 2022 (5 days) 9:00AM -5:00PM US-Eastern


Live Virtual Class


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