PeopleSoft Grants Ed 2

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5 days

Live Virtual Class

What you will learn

This PeopleSoft Grants training teaches the fundamental concepts and features of the PeopleSoft Grants solution. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to perform the steps required to set up the Grants system, enabling you to create a proposal, generate an award, manage the award budget, generate invoices and recognize revenue for award transactions and any associated facilities and administration costs.

Learn To:

  • Create a proposal.
  • Generate an award and manage the award budget.
  • Generate invoices and recognize revenue for awards.
  • Process proposals through the review and approval process.
  • Setup and manage protocols.
  • Set up and use the Grants Portal.
  • Manage cost sharing.
  • Understand award advances and protocols.

Benefits to You

Taking the time to complete training gives you a chance to learn about the relationships between PeopleSoft Grants, Contracts, Project Costing and Commitment Control. You'll walk away knowing how to set up a Grants business unit, define sponsor budget items and proposal budget and process an award budget. By enrolling in this course, you'll also develop the skills to create a detailed proposal and generate an award.

Participate in Hands-On Exercises

Using work flow, you will learn how to process proposals and protocols through the review and approval process. Through participating in interactive lessons and hands-on activities, you'll gain an edge by learning to implement and process grants in accordance with your business needs.


  • Developer
  • Implementer


  • Describe PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants key features
  • Evaluate award funding in accordance with government regulations
  • Generate Grants revenue and billing transactions
  • Prepare proposals and generate awards
  • Prepare your PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants system for implementation
  • Set up and use the Grants Portal
  • Setup and manage protocols
  • Close awards


  • Preparing to Implement Grants
  • Setting Up Facilities and Administration Cost Parameters
  • Setting up Billing and Revenue Control Tables
  • Defining Your Institution
  • Setting Up Professionals in Grants
  • Defining Award Sponsors
  • Preparing Grants Proposals
  • Managing Awards
  • Processing Grants Transactions
  • Managing Revenue and Facilities and Administration Costs for Awards
  • Managing Award Billing
  • Managing Cost Sharing Using Grants
  • Managing Advances
  • Setting Up and Managing Protocols
  • Closing Out Awards
  • Evaluating Award Funding in Accordance with Government Regulations
  • Setting Up and Using the Grants Portal

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PeopleSoft Grants Ed 2


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Feb 28 2022 – Mar 4 2022 (5 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific, Sep 19 2022 – Sep 23 2022 (5 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern


Live Virtual Class


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