Oracle Data Management Cloud Services Learning Subscription

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12 Months

What you will learn

Enable your business transformation to the cloud with an Oracle Data Management Cloud Learning Subscription. This learning subscription is an all-digital solution for technical professionals seeking training on Data Management, Data Integration, Business Analytics, and Cloud at Customer.

The training in this learning subscription covers the following cloud technologies: Oracle Autonomous Database, Autonomous JSON Database, Oracle Database Cloud, Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data, MySQL Database, NoSQL Database, Data Integration, Analytics Cloud, Essbase, and more.

You get 24/7 access to a comprehensive set of learning paths, high quality training videos delivered by Oracle experts, and hands-on labs  for 12 months. The training in this learning subscription is designed to extend your existing skillset to the cloud by leveraging use cases based on real world examples and practical applications.

This learning subscription also includes certification exams. Passing the exam validates your skills and awards you with an industry recognized credential.

Stay Current: This learning subscription provides a continuous learning experience that accommodates your evolving training needs. And as your cloud services are enhanced with each new product release, training in this learning subscription is updated along the way to help you keep pace with the changes.

Your Learning Subscription Includes:

  • Learning Paths
  • Courses
  • Hands-on labs
  • Certification

Certification Exams Included with this Subscription

Certification Exams Included with this Subscription

Gain professional recognition for your expertise with an Oracle Certification. This learning subscription provides you with one attempt at each of the following Oracle Certification exams, at no additional charge, during the subscription period. Pass an exam and earn your Oracle Certification.

Cloud Services

  • Autonomous Database
  • Autonomous JSON Database
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Exadata Cloud Service
  • Exadata Cloud at Customer
  • Oracle Big Data
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Essbase
  • MySQL Database
  • NoSQL Database
  • Data Integration

Job Roles

  • Administrators
  • Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Modelers
  • BI Analysts

Applied Learning

  • Migrate to Autonomous
  • Migrate to OCI
  • Migrate AWS to Oracle Cloud
  • Implement High Availability
  • Build Reports and Dashboards
  • Query and Analyze


  • Skill-Based Learning:Attain the skills you need to competently perform your job with complete sets of digital training videos delivered by Oracle experts
  • Learning Paths:Learning paths guide you through the training to build the skills that interest you
  • ‘Use Case’ Driven:Learn through real world examples with practical applications
  • Instant Hands-On Labs:Practice on a live cloud environment whenever you're ready
  • Stay Current:The training is updated with each release of your Oracle Cloud services, enabling you to stay up-to-date on key enhancements
  • Easy-to-Use Interface with Intuitive Filtering:A simple taxonomy of learning paths and courses with powerful filtering based on learning goals and job roles helps you quickly find what interests you
  • Continuous Learning:24/7 access enables you to continuously learn as your training needs evolve
  • Access to Instructors:Get your questions answered from top instructors
  • Individual Reporting:Track your learning progress and achievements through your dashboard
  • Company Level Reporting:Enables you to view the status of all of your subscribers

Learning Paths

  • Getting Started with Oracle Data Management
  • Getting Started with Business Analytics
  • Getting Started with Data Integration
  • Become an Autonomous Database Specialist
  • Create, Manage, and Migrate to Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Become a Fleet Administrator for Autonomous Database
  • Become an Oracle Database Cloud DBA (OCI)
  • Become an Exadata Cloud DBA (OCI)
  • Oracle Cloud at Customer for Oracle DBAs
  • Become a Business Analytics Expert (OCI)
  • Building Applications with Oracle Autonmous Database
  • Oracle Data Management Cloud Implementation Essentials
  • Migrate your Oracle Database to OCI
  • Become a Big Data Cloud Administrator
  • Become a MySQL Cloud Administrator
  • Become a Data Scientist
  • Become a Data Modeler
  • Become a DevOps Practitioner
  • Exadata Cloud at Customer for Administrators
  • Secure Your Data on the Cloud
  • Solution Series: Migrating Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud (OCI-C)
  • Learn New Technologies on the Cloud

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Oracle Data Management Cloud Services Learning Subscription


12 Months

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