Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1

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2 days

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What you will learn

This two-day course will focus on the differences between the 9.0 and 9.2 functionality. In this course, participants learn the functional differences that appear in the 9.2 product for Campus Solutions. These concepts include practical skills such as navigation using CS Fluid, changes to the architecture and globalization. It covers the Campus community and changes to the Recruiting and Admissions areas. Then goes into the changes to the following areas: Student Records, Academic Advisement, Student Financials and Financial Aid. The course content and structure are similar to the Introduction for PeopleSoft course, but with an emphasis on how the common concepts have changed within the 9.2 Campus Solutions system.

Learn To:

  • Navigate using CS Fluid
  • Understand the Architecture changes
  • Get to grips with the enhancements to Recruiting & Admissions
  • Identify the additional enhancement to the other major product areas


  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Developer
  • Implementer


  • Overview of the changes between Campus Solutions 9.0 and 9.2
  • Discussion of 9.2 technical changes
  • Discussion of new 9.2 features including fluid, mobile, etc.
  • Discussion of regulatory and legislative changes within Financial Aid


  • Describing Architectural, Navigational and Global Enhancements
  • Describing Enhancements to Campus Community
    • Campus Community Integrations
    • 3Cs Delete
    • Rules Engine, Affiliations, Delegated Access, and Evaluation Management Frameworks
    • Student Activity Guides
  • Describing Enhancements to Recruiting and Admissions
    • Constituent Web Services
    • Constituent Transaction Management
    • Common Attribute Framework
    • Data Load Transactions using File Parser
  • Describing Enhancements to Student Records
    • Block Enrollment
    • Post Enrollment Requisite Checking (PERC)
    • Program Enrollment
    • Activity Management
    • Research Tracking and Student Academic Projects
    • Graduation Tracking
  • Describing Enhancements to Academic Advisement
    • What-If Advisement Reports for Transfer Students
    • Advisor Notes
  • Describing Enhancements to Student Financials
    • Tuition Calculation Control Enhancements
    • Cashiering
    • Third Party Contracts
    • Tuition Waiver Enhancement
    • General Ledger Enhancements
  • Describing Enhancements to Financial Aid
  • Review of Campus Solutions R9.2 Enhancements

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Oracle Campus Solutions 9.2 Delta/New Features Ed 1


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Jun 28 2021 – Jun 29 2021 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific, Sep 27 2021 – Sep 28 2021 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern, Dec 27 2021 – Dec 28 2021 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern, Mar 29 2022 – Mar 30 2022 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific


Live Virtual Class


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