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The MySQL Learning Subscription includes everything you need to get the most from your MySQL installations. MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database. It includes InnoDB, making it a fully integrated, transaction-safe, ACID-compliant database. In addition, MySQL Replication allows you to deliver high performance and scalable applications.

MySQL Cluster is the distributed database combining linear scalability and high availability. It provides in-memory, real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed datasets. It is designed for mission critical applications.
Learn MySQL through Online, Expert-led Training Courses

MySQL experts, consultants, engineers, and support technicians lead Oracle University training courses within this subscription, drawing upon years of experience, best practices, and established guidelines. The MySQL Learning Subscription includes content all MySQL professionals need to know:

  • The layout of an installed server
  • Client and server executables and their options
  • Running and evaluating queries
  • Database design and structure
  • Securing MySQL with privileges and roles

Deep dive into specialist training modules that help you develop a deep understanding of administration, development, security, and high availability.

Certification Exams Included with this Subscription

Gain professional recognition for your expertise with an Oracle Certification. This learning subscription provides you with one attempt to take the following Oracle Certification exams, at no additional charge, during the subscription period. Pass the MySQL exams and earn the corresponding Oracle Certification:


  • What's New in MySQL 8.0
  • Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
  • Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
  • Tuning Storage
  • Troubleshooting and Optimizing MySQL NDB Cluster
  • Securing MySQL Instances
  • Overview of MySQL Performance Tuning
  • Optimizing and Troubleshooting Database Performance
  • Monitoring MySQL Instances
  • Managing and Monitoring MySQL NDB Cluster Instances
  • Managing MySQL Instances
  • Introduction to SQL Workshop 1
  • Introduction to Data Definition Language
  • Installing and Configuring MySQL
  • Implementing MySQL Cloud

Job Roles

  • MySQL administrators
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Database administrators
  • Database architects
  • Developers
  • IT managers
  • Security administrators
  • Web administrators
  • Data scientists
  • Database developers
  • NoSQL developers

Skills Learned

  • Install and configure MySQL Server and client programs
  • Recognize the key components of the MySQL architecture
  • Secure your server
  • Troubleshoot server slowdowns and other issues
  • Improve query performance
  • Configure and administer a variety of replication topologies
  • Understand the benefits of MySQL Cloud
  • Install and configure MySQL Cluster nodes
  • Design simple and advanced cluster topologies
  • Secure cluster nodes and data
  • Backup and restore cluster data
  • Troubleshoot common cluster problems
  • Monitor and optimize cluster performance
  • Use enterprise tools to manage large cluster deployments
  • Understand performance tuning concepts
  • List factors that affect performance
  • Use a range of performance tuning tools
  • Configure and use the Performance Schema
  • Tune the MySQL server instance
  • Design a schema for optimal performance
  • Understand how MySQL optimizes queries
  • Identify and fix slow queries
  • Diagnose and resolve common performance issues
  • Optimize MySQL for your application environment
  • Identify the performance impact of hardware

Learning Paths

  • Getting Started with MySQL
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • MySQL Development
  • Securing MySQL
  • MySQL Cluster Administration
  • MySQL for Oracle DBAs
  • MySQL Extras

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MySQL Learning Subscription


12 Months

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