Managing Day-to-Day Operations on OCI

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This course is going to walk you through some of the standard day-to-day types of activities that you might find yourself managing in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem.

Kick things off with a dive into the automation components, OCI CLI, Terraform and Resource Manager, and Ansible. Next we deal with a few operational tasks associated to custom images, data retention, and security best practices.

At the end of the day, it is critical for the environment to expand with the needs of the application or the customer requirements and at the same time manage costs. Learn to plan your scaling operations, and setup alerting, proper cost management of our environment and troubleshoot any issues encountered.


  • Cloud Administrators
  • System Administrators


  • Use OCI CLI to create, discover, and terminate resources
  • Create shell scripts using OCI CLI
  • Use Oracle Resource Manager
  • Provision a simple set of OCI resources with Ansible
  • Manage custom images


Getting Started with Cloud Operations

  • What Is Cloud Operations?
  • Operations on OCI


Introduction to Cloud Automation

  • Cloud Scale Challenges
  • Automation Basics
  •  Automation Tools


Getting Started with CLI

  • CLI Command Construct
  • Configure the CLI
  • Launch Compute Instance Command
  • Working with JSON Input Templates
  • Launch a Compute Instance with the JSON Template
  • Using a Script to Orchestrate Several Tasks


Using Terraform and Resource Manager

  • Why Infrastructure as Code
  • IaC Best Practices
  • Terraform Configuration and Actions
  • Managing the State of the Environment
  • Terraform Local State
  • Useful Features for Managing IaC with Terraform
  • Oracle Resource Manager



  • Creating and Managing Custom Images
    • Best Practice for Instances
    • Managing Custom Images
    • Custom Image with userdata
    • DR considerations
    • Import Images/Export Images


    Using Ansible to Manage Configuration and Infrastructure on OCI

    • Configuration Management
    • How Ansible Works
    • Installing Ansible
    • Ad-hoc Commands
    • Ansible Playbooks
    • OCI Ansible Modules
    • Ansible on OCI - Run a Simple Test


    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Security Best Practices

    • Shared Security Responsibility Model
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Capabilities at a Glance
    • IAM Best Practices
    • Securing OCI
    • Network Security Architecture
    • Security Testing Policy


    Data Backup Operations

    • What Is RTO and RPO?
    • Backup Options
    • Object Storage Lifecycle Management
    • Backup Strategy Using Storage Gateway
    • Hybrid Cloud - Tiering, Using Cloud Sync Feature


    Scaling Operations

    • Vertical Scaling
    • Instance Configuration and Pool
    • Autoscaling Configurations
    • Autonomous DB Scaling options


    Billing and Cost Management

    • OCI Cost Analysis
    • OCI Budgets
    • Service Limits and Usage
    • Compartment Quotas and Quota Policies
    • Cost Management: Best Practices


    Troubleshooting and Performance

    • Subnet or VCN Deletion
    • Block Volume Performance
    • Unable to SSH to Instance

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Managing Day-to-Day Operations on OCI


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May 17 2021 – May 18 2021 (2 days) 9:00AM – 5:00PM US-Eastern, Sep 20 2021 – Sep 21 2021 (2 days) 9:00AM – 5:00PM US-Pacific, Jan 10 2022 – Jan 11 2022 (2 days) 9:00AM – 5:00PM US-Eastern


Live Virtual Class


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