Java Cloud Fundamentals Ed 1

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What you will learn

Experience the ease and flexibility that Java PaaS has to offer with Oracle WebLogic Server as the application server, Oracle Coherence as a caching and data grid tier, and Oracle Traffic Director as the software load Balancer.

Explore various administrative consoles in Oracle Java Cloud and choose the desired one to efficiently manage your instances.Explore deployment process on Java Cloud and deploy your application for subsequent use.


Learn To -

  • Get Started with Java in the Cloud and its underlying components
  • Configure and Manage WebLogic Instances in Java Cloud
  • Deploy Java EE applications to Oracle Java Cloud


  • Cloud Application Developers
  • Cloud Administrators


  • Describe the Java Cloud features and benefits
  • Describe WebLogic Server in the Java Cloud Service context
  • Describe Oracle Traffic Director and Coherence in a Java Cloud Service environment
  • Describe the CLI and REST API for Java Cloud Service
  • Access Java Cloud Service Management Consoles
  • Configuring WebLogic Server
  • Describe WebLogic Server instance Lifecycle
  • Start and stop servers using the WebLogic Consoles
  • Deploy an Application to Oracle Java Cloud Using WebLogic Server Admin Console and Fusion Middleware Control Console


  • Introducing Oracle Java Cloud Service
    • Overview of Oracle Java Cloud Service
    • Outlining Java Cloud Service features and benefits
    • Enumerating Oracle Java Cloud Service components
  • Introducing Oracle WebLogic Server
    • Explaining the role of WebLogic Server in JCS
    • Defining Oracle WebLogic Server terms: domain, server, cluster, Node Manager
    • Listing Oracle WebLogic Server services and management interfaces
  • Introducing Oracle Coherence
    • Explaining Oracle Coherence features and role in JCS
    • Specifying Oracle Coherence integration with Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Introducing Oracle Traffic Director
    • Explaining Oracle Traffic Director concepts and role in JCS
    • Describing Oracle Traffic Director features
  • Accessing Java Cloud Service Instance
    • Describing connectivity to Java Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service
    • Accessing Java Cloud Service Management Consoles and Fusion Middleware Control
    • Introducing WebLogic Server domain configuration
    • Outlining Command-line and REST API for Java Cloud Service



  • Configuring WebLogic Server
    • Using the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console
    • Using the Fusion Middleware Control application
    • Describing common WebLogic Server configuration changes for Java Cloud Service
  • Starting and Stopping Servers
    • Comparing starting/stopping WebLogic Server at the Java Cloud Service and Server instance levels
    • Describe WebLogic Server instance Lifecycle
    • Starting and Stopping WebLogic Servers using Administration Console and Fusion Middleware Control application
    • Starting and Stopping Java Cloud Service VMs and their associated WebLogic Server instances via Java Cloud Service Dashboard
    • Investigating Server startup problems
  • Deploying Applications
    • Describing the WebLogic Sever deployment process
    • Defining Java EE deployment components
    • Applying WebLogic Server deployment tools
    • Deploying an application
    • Testing Deployed Applications

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Java Cloud Fundamentals Ed 1


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Dec 20 2021 – Dec 21 2021 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific, Jun 13 2022 – Jun 14 2022 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern


Live Virtual Class


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