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Java Cloud Administration training course is designed to learn about Oracle Java Cloud Service which is a complete enterprise grade platform and infrastructure cloud solution for building, deploying, and managing Java EE applications. In this training class, you will learn administrator techniques for configuring and managing Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle Traffic Director in Oracle Java Cloud Service environment

Target Audience

  • Cloud Application Developers
  • Cloud Administrators


Java Cloud Service Overview

  • Describing the Oracle Java Cloud Service Environment
  • Explaining the 3 Java Cloud Service Types
  • Outlining Java Cloud Service Features
  • Describing the methods to interact with Java Cloud Service

WebLogic Server: Overview

  • Explaining the role of WebLogic Server in Java Cloud Service
  • Defining Oracle WebLogic Server terms: domain, server, cluster, Node Manager
  • Listing Oracle WebLogic Server services and management interfaces

Accessing Java Cloud Service Instance

  • Accessing Java Cloud Service Management Consoles and Fusion Middleware Control
  • Introducing WebLogic Server domain configuration
  • Outlining Command-line and REST API for Java Cloud Service

Managing Java Cloud Service

  • Viewing, suspending and deleting instances
  • Scaling Java Cloud Service instances
  • Backing up and restoring Java Cloud Service instances
  • Patching a Java Cloud Service instance
  • Managing Java Cloud Service instance using CLI and REST API

Monitoring Java Cloud Service

  • Describing Java Cloud Service billing metrics
  • Analyzing Java Cloud Service monitoring metrics
  • Configuring Alert Rules
  • Describing Java Cloud Service activity history
  • Reviewing Java Cloud Service service metrics

Working with Oracle Traffic Director

  • Listing common Load Balancer Administration activities
  • Creating Load Balancer instances
  • Enabling and disabling Load Balancer
  • Configuring Load Balancer instances
  • Applying Common Load Balancer use cases
  • Monitoring Load Balancers

Multitenancy and Domain Partitions

  • Describing WebLogic Server Multitenancy concepts
  • Explaining WebLogic Server Domain Partition concepts
  • Creating and Managing single Domain Partition
  • Associating Domain Partitions with Virtual Targets
  • Comparing Domain Partition Security Realm options

Java Cloud Service Security

  • Creating new Java Cloud Service users and assigning roles
  • Modifying user login details and roles
  • Adding custom roles
  • Contrasting Java Cloud Service, VM host, and WebLogic users

Understanding JDBC and Configuring Data Sources

  • Configuring JDBC Data Sources and connection pools
  • Comparing the types of data sources
  • Configuring a Generic JDBC Data Source
  • Configuring a GridLink Data Source
  • Describing common data source problems
  • Tuning a Data Source connection pool

Working with WebLogic Server Security Realm

  • Defining users, groups, roles, and policies for the embedded LDAP server
  • Configuring auditing and role mapping


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Java Cloud Administration Ed 1


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Mar 29 2022 – Mar 30 2022 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern, Sep 26 2022 – Sep 27 2022 (2 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific


Live Virtual Class


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