Hyperion Account Reconciliation Manager 11.1.2: Administration Ed 2

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NEW! This course teaches you how to set up and manage the Account Reconciliation Manager module of Financial Close Management. You will identify the required elements for implementing this module, such as the creation of reconciliation formats and account profiles, create periods, load account balances and currency rates into periods, perform account reconciliations, and monitor account reconciliation workflow. Learn to: Create reconciliations formats. Create account and summary account reconciliation profiles. Manage setups for auto-reconciliation capabilities. Create organizational units that support holiday rules and calendar assignments. Create multi-currency reconciliations. Create reconciliation rules Implementation of teams assignments feature Define reconciliation workflow Create periods and load balances Perform reconciliations and monitor the reconciliation process Configure system settings for account reconciliations Benefits to You: Hyperion Account Reconciliation Manager teaches you how to configure the system settings and perform account reconciliations.


  • Administrator
  • End User
  • Implementer


  • Configure system settings for account reconciliations
  • Assign security roles to users
  • Create report binders
  • Create organizational units and calendar rules
  • Create periods
  • Create custom attributes
  • Create mass update and import capabilities
  • Create reconciliations formats
  • Define reconciliation workflow
  • Load account balances
  • Monitor reconciliation workflow using the dashboard and list views
  • Perform reconciliations


  • Setting up the System
    • Creating Frequencies
    • Setting up Currency Translation
    • Setting up Account Profile Segments
    • Setting up Aging Profiles
    • Setting up System Attributes
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Creating Teams
    • Creating Holiday Rules and Organizational Units
  • Setting up the System
    • Users and Groups
    • Assigning Security Roles
    • Viewing Provisioning Reports
    • Configuring Power User Security
    • Enabling Security Auditing
  • Setting Up Reconciliation Formats
    • Reconciliation Methods
    • Creating Custom Attributes
    • Creating Reconciliation Formats
    • Adding Instructions
    • Adding Attribute Assignments
    • Adding Questions
    • Adding Rules
    • Adding Questions
  • Setting Up Account Profiles
    • Setting Profile Properties
    • Adding Instructions
    • Setting up Workflow
    • Setting up Currency
    • Adding Commentators and Viewers
    • Setting up Attributes
    • Setting up Rules
    • Setting up Summary Account Profiles


  • Importing, Exporting, and Updating Account Profiles
    • Importing and Exporting Account Profiles
    • Creating Basic and Advanced Filters
    • Bulk Updating of Account Profiles
  • Setting Up Periods
    • Creating Periods
    • Copying Account Profiles into Periods
    • Identifying Missing Profiles
    • Identifying Invalid Profiles
    • Updating Reconciliations
    • Deleting Periods
  • Loading Balances and Currency Rates
    • About ERPi and Account Reconciliation Manager
    • Data Load Sources
    • Drill Through and Summarization
    • ERPi Locations
    • Data Load Process
    • Running Data Loads
    • Viewing Warnings
    • Entering Currency Rates
  • Managing Reconciliations
    • Opening Periods
    • Adding Transactions to Reconciliations
    • Submitting Reconciliations
    • Adding Action Plans to reconciliation comments section
    • Reviewing and Approving Reconciliations
    • Closing and Locking Periods
  • Monitoring Reconciliations
    • Viewing Reconciliations and Transactions in List Views
    • Viewing Reconciliations in the Dashboard
    • Customizing the Dashboard
    • Creating Report Binders
    • Viewing Report

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Hyperion Account Reconciliation Manager 11.1.2: Administration Ed 2


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Mar 8 2022 – Mar 10 2022 (3 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Eastern, Sep 12 2022 – Sep 14 2022 (3 days) 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM US-Pacific


Live Virtual Class


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