Oracle Guided Learning

As organizations move from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, employees must be armed with knowledge and tools to quickly adopt to the new systems and ways of working. It is essential to strategically plan the enablement of employees to make a successful move to the cloud. Guided Learning is a tool that can provide your employees with the support they need to be successful.

We advocate Oracle Guided Learning to assist our clients in their journey to the cloud, or in their continuing efforts to provide increased user learning and adoption of some on-premise systems. Oracle Guided Learning offers an efficient and scalable platform that enables our clients to train large numbers of employees in multiple locations with step-by-step guidance that is tailored to unique organizational requirements and specific user roles and actions.

Oracle Guided Learning helps:

  • Learners adopt and learn as they are able to access knowledge and help in the flow of work
  • Reduce support calls as users are less inclined to make errors when they have in- the-moment guidance
  • Increase compliance as users more accurately complete transactions and processes
  • Manage important communications by providing on-line messaging

Oracle Guided Learning helps you maximize productivity, reduce costs, and stay current with information and knowledge transfer. And, it helps your employees adopt to new systems and business processes more quickly, retain new information more readily, and generally work more efficiently. 

​Oracle Guided Learning is loaded with capabilities:

  • Fusion Embed: configure Oracle Guided Learning within Oracle SaaS Cloud
  • Mobile Experience: deliver a fully mobile experience with mobile-specific content that renders true for small screens
  • Analytics Dashboard: gain insight about how your organization uses Oracle Guided Learning from metrics-driven business intelligence
  • Step Guide Videos: generate videos automatically from our popular Step Guides
  • Intuitive New Widget: customize the newly designed, intuitive widget that learns and remembers its on-screen location to match your SaaS Cloud design
  • Content Management: create and manage your content more easily with new filters, classification, and an easy content management experience
  • Self-service Editor: build and manage Oracle Guided Learning content anytime with the new development interface

Provide us your organization’s requirements and our representative will contact you with the best quote.

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