Change Management Videos

Organizational Change Management Instructional Videos 

Build your change management and training skills by watching our instructional videos.  These videos are great for anyone who performs or manages organizational change management and end user training for almost any kind of project, including project managers, change management leads, training leads, and anyone performing change and training activities. While it is focused on technology implementation projects, what you learn can be applied to almost any kind of project, large or small.  

The instructional videos skip most of the theory and provide very practical and tangible instruction on how to do almost anything related to change management and end user training. They describe and show how real project deliverables are used as well as project planning change and training efforts, conducting analysis activities, developing strategies, and more. 

We are adding new videos every month!! 

Here are some of the videos that are currently available: 

  • Change Management Overview 
  • Stakeholder Analysis 
  • Change Impact Analysis 
  • Change Readiness Assessment 
  • Change Strategy and Plan 
  • Change Management Project Plans 
  • Communication Strategy 
  • Communication Plan 
  • Communication Methods 
  • Communication Execution