Build cloud skills at scale — your way

AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

Cloud transformation can reduce costs, improve security, and drive innovation. To achieve those outcomes, you need a cloud-skilled workforce. Now, you can provide teams across your organization with the resources they need to build cloud skills anytime. Introducing AWS Skill Builder, a one-of-a-kind learning center with on-demand and interactive training experiences designed with your team in mind. With the AWS Skill Builder Team subscription, you’re equipped with unique training features and administrative capabilities to help teams meet business and professional development goals.

AWS Skill Builder Team subscription learning benefits:

  • 500+ on-demand digital courses for learners at every level
  • Learning plans based on roles or solutions like Cloud Essentials, Severless, and IoT
  • CloudQuest, a role-playing game designed to teach AWS skills. Learners navigate a virtual city as a Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Serverless Developer, or Machine Learning Specialist
  • AWS Jam Journey, where teams work together (or alone) to creatively solve challenges
  • 100+ AWS Builder Labs that immerse learners in hands-on, real-world scenarios
  • Exam prep courses, including AWS Certification Official Practice Exams, which have the same depth, rigor, and scoring as AWS Certification exams

Plus, administrative capabilities:

  • Assign training to teams or individuals to drive targeted skills
  • Access built-in reports that show course enrollments, progress, completion rates, and more
  • Use single sign-on to simplify security and password management*

No matter where your organization is in its cloud journey, an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription equips your teams to achieve goals faster.