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Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional, just starting on your IT journey or a business leader, expanding your AWS knowledge and capabilities can be ground-breaking for your organization. TAM training is an AWS Authorized Training Partner and we can help you acquire the skills you need to succeed in working with AWS. We offer classes starting from AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials through specialized classes such as Security Engineering on AWS. Our expert, certified instructors will ensure students gain the most accurate, latest skills and knowledge on the AWS platform.

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Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been changing the way that organizations of all sizes provision and run their IT infrastructure since 2006. AWS has quickly become the leading public cloud vendor due to the available features of AWS and ongoing innovations. The lack of significant upfront costs and the pay-as-you-go model associated with learning AWS are very attractive to startups and large enterprise customers too. Once the public sector learned of the solid security and compliance options available in AWS, it became clear that AWS is a great solution for hosting virtually any kind of workload for any type of organization. From compute instances, storage and networking options AWS has steadily added new services and features to make security, data analysis, machine learning, media streaming and just about any other kind of application development easier. Our instructors are certified and award-winning so you can trust you're getting the best instruction and experience either online or in-class. Not sure what to expect? When you enroll in any of our AWS training courses, you'll gain the skills to design, operate, and secure your IT infrastructure in the cloud. Additionally, you may add important credentials to your resume or close skills gaps, vital to proving your AWS capabilities.

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