Oracle Guided Learning 23D is coming

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Oracle Guided Learning 23D is comingHello Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) Administrator,Your Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) 23D update is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 29th, 2023.

OGL 23D is coming earlier in our quarterly release cycle, which will provide you earlier access to 23D end user features (via our player package) and 23D Console features helping you adequately prepare over the tail-end of the season.

As with all releases, we will provide you with an opportunity to view these features in UAT. Look for an upcoming announcement regarding UAT availability and information on how to participate.

The key changes in OGL 23D release include:

Updates for Developers and Administrators

Quick Guide Builder – This feature allows process experts and developers to quickly create process guides by simply recording a navigation process in the host application without the need to identify HTML element selectors. Once recorded, a process guide is automatically created which can then be edited and configured by an OGL content developer.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey (OGL Premium Only) – This enhancement to the Survey NPS feature provides developers a quick and easy way to capture actionable customer feedback from their end-users. With this Premium feature, OGL developers can capture end-user feedback and have access to this great customer satisfaction analytics tool.

Oracle Content Analytics – OGL Administrators who have Oracle Content enabled for their account will see a new dashboard under the Analytics & Reports Dashboards drop-down menu that is specific to Oracle Content Analytics.

End-User Updates

Drag and Drop Tips (Redwood Experience) – This enhancement to the Redwood Experience and Theme allows end users in the host application to reposition tips on a page by simply dragging the tips, allowing for more convenient and efficient screen viewing.

Console Updates

Player Authentication Setting – This new feature allows OGL administrators to enable or disable player authentication from within the OGL Console, providing the administrator with an additional layer of security.

Saved Analytics Filter – This enhancement to OGL Analytics allows administrators to easily save filter settings as “Saved Searches”, which will appear in a drop-down menu in the Analytics Dashboards, where you can manage and apply them for more efficiency and convenience.

Redwood Design Guide Editor Enhancements – This enhancement to the Redwood Design Guide Editor adds a new UI component for guide activation conditions allowing developers to efficiently create and edit simple guide activation conditions from within the guide editor panel. Developers can still create and manage guide activation conditions from within the OGL console.

Find and Replace Enhancements – This enhancement improves the performance of the Find and Replace bulk action allowing developers and content editors to make bulk changes for text content within guides, increasing efficiency and saving time. This enhancement includes a new bulk action to update Preview URLs on multiple guides.

UI/UX Enhancements – These updates to the UI/UX of certain features will improve navigation, performance, and efficiency creating a better overall console user experience.

During the update on October 29th, your OGL services may not be accessible. Please refer to the update details below for more information. We will notify you as soon as the update is complete.

For more information, please contact to your OGL account manager at

In case you missed it – 23C Actions

During our previous 23C release, we encouraged you to take two actions:

Single Sign On (SSO) Transition – For enhanced security and a streamlined login experience, remember you can now sign-in to the OGL console using your Oracle Account. This the same account you already use to access other Oracle services, such as Customer Connect Forums, Events, and My Learn. Make the switch today to SSO by using your Oracle Account to access OGL and all your other Oracle services. If you don’t currently have an Oracle Account, you can easily create one. Reach out to our representative at

Note: In the OGL 24A release in February, you will only be able to sign-in using your SSO login, so if you haven’t already switched to using your Oracle Account, we strongly recommend switching today.

Turn on the new Redwood Design Editor – Now fully aligned to Oracle’s Redwood design standards, the newly designed editor offers a more intuitive and streamlined interface providing a more efficient guide editing experience. Enable the new Redwood Design Guide Editor in your Application Settings today to experience this new feature.

Note: The OGL 24A Release in February will offer only the Redwood Guide Editor. The new editor offers many great enhancements to the legacy experience, so if it is not already your default editor, we highly encourage you to start switching over to it today.   

Update Details
Start Time
Sunday, October 29th, 2023, 07:00 UTC

Estimated End Time
Sunday, October 29th, 2023, 13:00 UTC

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