Organizational Change Management How-To Series – 1 of 5

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This is the first of a short series of articles on the basics of how organizational change management is conducted. Organizational Change Management is both an art and a science that involves helping people accept and adopt changes to policies, business processes, business applications, and other changes an organization may go through.
The first step in any change initiative is to understand what is changing, why it’s changing, who is impacted, and how they’re impacted. The most common deliverables created are a Stakeholder Assessment and a Change Impact Assessment. A Stakeholder Assessment captures who the impacted stakeholders are within and outside of your organization and how they will be impacted. A Change Impact Assessment captures what is changing and why. Capturing this information is critical to forming the approaches and messages that will be used to inform and engage stakeholders. There are countless methods that can be used to help stakeholders through a change. Identifying the right methods for your organization is critical. For some changes and organizations, a basic newsletter can be enough. In others, a more extensive series of approaches will need to be used and sequenced appropriately for the change. Only the information in a Stakeholder Assessment and Change Impact Assessment can help you define the right approach for your organization and project.
When you need help forming and managing an organizational change management effort for your large and complex project, it is critical to find the right company to help you. TAM Training has the experience and flexibility to help you define the right approach for your organization, project, and budget.



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