End User Adoption

When does end user adoption really matter in a technology implementation? It matters on the first day that you go live with your new technology and every day after that. While many focus on everything that needs to happen up to go-live, we focus on the end user adoption experience after go-live and then use that to plan and execute a consistent end user adoption experience before and after go-live. Our only focus is helping organizations with end user adoption for their legacy and cloud applications and transformations.


Why TAM Training?


We are training and change; that’s our day job. Our daily focus is helping Our only focus is helping organizations achieve successful end user adoption of their digital, cloud application, and business process implementation and transformation projects. We do that by using training, organizational change management, and end user support to help organizations drive end user adoption and achieve self-sufficiency. We have dozens of experienced organizational change management and training experts at your disposal to help you with your technology. We support a broad range of needs, such as legacy applications, budget-conscious needs, traditional approaches, and all the way to leading practices such as agile, digital change, innovation, and large-scale transformation. Our mission is to be a best-in-class end user adoption advisor and partner.